Further Activities

In addition to pursuing my PhD degree at BIGSSS, I am also engaged in two exciting external projects. Though distinct in their immediate objectives, both projects serve the same general purpose: to facilitate knowledge sharing. Having been outside of academia for a few years, I know well enough how complicated it could be to try and gain access to academic publications when you are not affiliated to any higher-educational or research institution. That said, having been inside academia for a few years as well, I also know how difficult it can be to gain/give access to alternative perspectives. With this in mind, I am actively supporting projects aiming to address these issues.

E-International Relations

E-International Relations (E-IR) is an online open access outlet for scholarly work in the field of international relations. It started out as a website where talanted students from across the globe could publish their essays and slowly evolved into an authoritative publisher of high quality scholarly content (incl. textbooks and edited volumes). What makes this an exciting project, however, is that E-IR did not try to convert its increasing popularity into profit, thus remaining true to its open access philosophy. To achieve this, E-IR relies on the dedicated efforts of a passionate volunteer team, which I am proud to be a part of. The project brings together people from 5 continents, all sharing the conviction that the access to knowledge should be free to anyone who seeks it.

FRRESH Network

The Finnish-Russian Network for Russian and Eurasian Studies in Social Science and Humanities (FRRESH) is a locus of knowledge-production and knowledge-sharing that brings together scholars with common research interests and diverging methodological approaches. The FRRESH events offer a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary setting, conducive to open, productive and insightful discussions. The network is built up by researchers of different confessions (political scientists, sociologists, antrhropologists) and at different stages of their careers (PhD students, post-docs and professors). I am excited to be a member of the network, because I see it as a place where fresh ideas thrive and where dogmas languish. It is a knowledge-sharing community transcending borders of all kinds: cultural, theoretical, and methodological.