Hawa Noor Mohammed
Hawa Noor Mohammed

BIGSSS, Universit├Ąt Bremen

Tel.: +49 421 218 66438


Unicom 1, Haus 7, Room: 7.4610

BIGSSS-departs Ph.D. Fellow, Field A, Cohort 2017

Research Interests

Thematic Interests: Political Violence, Political Religion, International Security, Gender Politics, Transitional Justice Conflict Resolution and PeaceBuilding. 

Geographical Interests: Global, Africa, East Africa and Muslim Societies.

Approach: Qualitative Methods/Ethnography/GT.

Dissertation topic
"Mobilisation to Political Violence: Exploring Motivations for Individuals Joining al-Shabaab."

Academic Supervisors
Klaus Schlichte
Ulrich Franke