Research & Projects


Net Neutrality 

My dissertation research on net neutrality focusses on transnational civil society's role in the global discourse on net neutrality regulation. I intend to broaden our understanding of the role of activists in affecting the politicization and the outcomes of national/EU policy making processes. Based on investigations of European, North American and Indian civil society organizations, I hope to elucidate the effect of ideas and language on policy outcomes with regard to this particular policy issue. 


Digital Constitutionalism

As part of a growing network of researchers interested in Internet rights discourses, I intend to help develop the theoretical framework to better understand the process that leads to Internet rights documents and their enactment. Dubbed "digital constitutionalism" in a working paper written with Lex Gill and Urs Gasser (can be read here), the process toward Internet rights documents is dominated by transnational - commercial and non-commercial - groupings. They aim to establish rights and principles like the right to be forgotten, the right to Internet access or net neutrality


KEY ISSUES is Bremen’s first and only peer-reviewed open access student-run academic journal. The journal's purpose is to highlight key issues in student social research and to foster the exchange between the student bodies of Bremen's three universities.

I co-founded KEY ISSUES and serve on the editorial board. We are due to publish the next volume in November 2016, both as print and online. More information and full articles can be found here

Island Ark Project

Intangible cultural heritage (ICH) of small island states is under threat of being lost due to the impact of climate change and mass migration. 

The Island Ark Project develops online ressources of island communities to safeguard their own heritage. I co-founded the project and conducted field research in Palau in order to establish what is necessary to include digital means of ICH safeguarding in educational curriculums.