PhD & Studies

Since 11/2014:

Ph.D. Fellow Social Sciences 
Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences, University of Bremen (Germany)

Field B: Welfare state, inequality and quality of life (Bremen University)

Topic: Comparative Research on Social Health Inequalities and the Role of Welfare States

Working title: "Mapping Social Inequalities in Health across Advanced Welfare States. A Meta-Analysis of Cross-Country Research on Social Inequalities in Health to Unravel the Health Inequality Paradox"



M.A. Social Policy
Bremen University (Germany)

Focus on health care systems and politics

Thesis: "Welfare States and Their Performance in Socioeconomic Health Inequality. The Nordic Welfare States as ‘Top-Performes’ or a Paradox in the Worlds of Welfare?"



Studies abroad

University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

Studies at the departments of Sociology, Political Science, and Public Health



B.A. Political Science and Economics
University of Münster (Germany)

Thesis: "Die Reform der Gesetzlichen Krankenversicherung im Spannungsfeld von Solidarität und Ökonomie. Die Gesundheitsreform 2010 – Das Ende der Solidarität?" (The German statutory health insurance inbetween solidarity and economy. The health care reform 2010 - End of solidarity?)


Summer Schools


August 21-25, 2017

6th GESIS Summer School in Survery Methodology
GESIS Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences, Cologne (Germany)

Course on Meta-Analysis with R


July 30 - August 10, 2015

European Campus of Excellence Summer School "The Welfare State and Inequality – Europe in the 21st Century"

Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences, University of Bremen, Germany

Presentation "A Paradox in the Worlds of Welfare? Welfare States and Their Performance in Overall Health and Health Inequality"


Seminars & Workshops


Core Theroy "Welfare State, Inequality and Qualiyt of Life"

"Social Class and Social Mobility"



Structural Equation Modeling

Techniques for Establishing Causality

Multilevel Modeling: Introduction with Stata and SPSS Examples

Event History Analysis

Panel Data Analysis

Country Level/Cross-Cultural Meta Analysis