Adio-Adet Tichafara Dinika
Adio-Adet Tichafara Dinika

Universit├Ąt Bremen


Universit├Ąt Bremen, Room: 1050

Affiliated Ph.D. Fellow, Field A, Cohort 2021

Research Interests

  • Future of Work
  • Digitalisation
  • Digital Labour Markets
  • Digital Economy
  • Digital Transformation
  • Decent Work
  • Youth unemployment and empowerment 
  • Public Policy


Dissertation topic
The Future of Work and The Global Economy: Impacts of digitalisation on labour markets in Sub-Saharan Africa

Dissertation abstract
My research focus is on analysing the impact of Digitalisation on Labour Markets in Sub-Saharan Africa. With a comparative study between Rwanda, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The world of work is fast changing as digitisation, digitalisation and digital transformation is taking centre stage. I am therefore ceased with trying to gain an understanding of how 1. These are eliminating and or creating jobs, 2. What the impact these have on decent work and 3. How local governments are collaborating with International actors to prepare their youth for The future of Work

Academic Supervisors
Klaus Schlichte