Social Cohesion in a World of Increasing Diversity | June 25 - July 1, 2017

Joint Summer School of BIGSSS and Bertelsmann Stiftung

BIGSSS and Bertelsmann Stiftung jointly organize a summer school on “Social Cohesion in a World of Increasing Diversity” from June 25 - July 1, 2017.

The aim of the BIGSSS summer school program is to support early stage social scientists by opening a cross-border dialogue on theoretical questions and methodological approaches to current matters of social science research.

The summer school 2017 will focus on the interplay between social cohesion, on the one hand, and cultural, ethnic, and religious plurality, on the other, in times of societal transformations and increasing migration flows around the globe. Participants will have the opportunity to assess and discuss the impact of socio-structural, institutional, political as well as individual factors on social cohesion at different levels of societal organization. Next to the question as to what promotes social cohesion, the summer school pays equal attention to the importance of cohesion for the well-being of social entities and individuals both in the OECD World and the Global South in light of key indicators.

Our Social Cohesion Experts

BIGSSS summer schools have always featured prolific keynote speakers and will also do so in 2017. Suggestions by potential participants are still welcome. So far our renowned international experts include: Jan Delhey/Magdeburg, Jan Germen Janmaat/London, Peter Schmidt/Gießen, Claire Wallace/Aberdeen (confirmed).

Our Program

The Summer School will take place in Bremen from June 25 to July 1, 2017. The working language is English.

The seven-day program will consist of:

  • presentations by international experts with discussion
  • discussions of conceptual and methodological issues
  • presentations and discussion of participants‘ own projects

Daily sessions will be supervised by our renowned international scholars who will also participate in the program for one or two days. Thus participants will experience a stimulating scientific environment providing them with the opportunity to closely discuss and work with a multidisciplinary international and Bremen faculty as well as other MA and PhD students working on similar issues.

You can download the latest version of the program draft in the download section below.


The application period has ended.

Arrival and Departure Times

The summer school will start on June 25th, at 4.00 pm (pick up at MotelOne). Therefore, we recommend that you arrive in Bremen on Sunday, June 27th, at 3:30 pm the latest.

The program will finish on Saturday, July 1st, at 12.00 pm. Please make sure to consider this when booking your train/flight home.

Terms and Conditions of Participation

  1. We expect all participants to stay for the whole duration of the official summer school program (June 25th – July 1st) and to participate in each of the program sessions.
  2. There is no program fee. Breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided for all accepted participants of the summer school.
  3. Lodging at a hotel near the summer school venue for the duration of the summer school (June 25th – July 1st) is included for all accepted participants. If you chose to stay at a different location, you'll have to bear the costs yourself.
  4. Travel assistance is offered as a refund against receipts and proof of payment. With the prospective letter of admission, successful applicants will be informed about the maximum travel assistance they are offered (for approximate amount please see DAAD "Reisekostenpauschalen").
  5. You will be reimbursed only after the summer school has ended and after you have handed in all original travel receipts (train and bus tickets, boarding passes etc.). Please be aware that the reimbursement of your travel costs might take up to several weeks!
  6. Please note that we provide travel grants exclusively for your participation in the summer school (June 25th – July 1st, 2017). We do not pay for private stays (incl. other conference participations) exceeding the time of the summer school.
  7. Participants will be asked to present proof of an international health-, accident-, and liability insurance that covers their stay in Germany for the duration of the summer school.


Social Cohesion Radar

To learn more about the organizers of the Social Cohesion Summer School and their research, please visit the website of the Social Cohesion Radar.