IZA-BIGSSS-Fellowships on Comparative Labour Market Research

The IZA-BIGSSS-Fellowships on Comparative Labour Market Research is a research-related, integrated doctoral program funded by the renowned Institute of Labor Economics (Das Institut zur Zukunft der Arbeit). The program is fully operated by BIGSSS, granting all fellows unrestricted access to the resources of the graduate school.

BIGSSS is part of an international network of highly acknowledged graduate programs. It supports doctoral fellows in achieving early scientific independence and provides funds for the conduct, presentation, and publishing of their research. The language of instruction is English. In order to allow all of our fellows to engage into mutual discussions with other fellows and BIGSSS faculty and staff, English language proficiency at the level of C1 is required. PhD theses are typically written in English.

In addition to the regular curricular obligations at BIGSSS that will define the first three semesters of the program, the fellowship also provides for a practical, research-oriented part starting with the fourth semester. Fellows will then be working on their own dissertation projects at IZA, raising and analyzing data and getting valuable insights in the functioning of a large research institute. During the whole time, fellows will commit themselves to mandatory parts of the BIGSSS curriculum such as workshops, colloquiums and institutional meetings. IZA-BIGSSS-fellows will receive demand-tailored theoretical and methodological training and acquire teaching experience in small seminars.

Admitted fellows of the BIGSSS IZA Regular PhD will be offered a limited-time work contract (42 months, 65% TV-L 13), contingent on successful completion of all curricular requirements of the program. To support its PhD fellows, the fellowship also provides funds for conducting, presenting and publishing research. 


Program Start, Duration, and Components

The program commences on 1st September 2018. During the course of the program, IZA-BIGSSS fellows complete several mandatory PhD Milestones (please see green box below for details). The filling of the offered position is subject to approval of the funding by the cooperation partners.


Eligibility and Application

We seek candidates with strong academic abilities and a Master’s degree (or equivalent) in Political Science, Sociology, Economics, or Psychology with a project related to Comparative Labour Market Research. Applicants with a degree in related social science disciplines are also welcome. More information as well as lists of required application materials can be found at www.bigsss-bremen.de. For additional inquiries, please check the online FAQ and feel free to contact our admissions officer at admissions-officer@bigsss-bremen.de.

Non-German students are strongly encouraged to apply. BIGSSS strives to increase the share of women in the university and hence also strongly encourages women to apply. Applicants with disabilities who are equally qualified will be favored. Applications must be submitted online through the BIGSSS admissions system. The call is open until May 28, 2018.

Please note that BIGSSS offers several doctoral programs, with different regulations in the academic curriculum or in the payment models (stipends vs. employment contracts etc.). For specific questions on these topics, please contact the BIGSSS Admissions and Administration Officer, the Director of Studies or other members of BIGSSS' administration team. 

For more info on application procedures and deadlines, please follow the link in the blue box below.

PhD Curriculum & Milestones

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