BIGSSS Postdoc Program

Advance Your Academic Career in an Interdisciplinary and International Environment

BIGSSS offers a postdoctoral program in the vivid environment of an interdisciplinary graduate school with a strong international research network.

The aim of the BIGSSS Postdoc Program is for our postdocs to produce a significant scientific output (e.g. to publish a journal article or book, write a grant proposal, organize a conference or workshop).

BIGSSS postdoc positions are paid in line with TV-L E13, start on September 1st, and may be taken up for a period up to 24 months. The program provides our postdocs with the opportunity, resources, and support to:

  • present their research at international conferences and build up international networks,
  • disseminate their research finding in scientific publication outlets
  • write grant proposals,
  • organize a conference or workshop,
  • teach and supervise,
  • participate in transferable skills training (e.g., didactics, media, career) and establish a mentoring relationship with senior faculty.

In return, BIGSSS expects its postdocs to engage with the BIGSSS PhD-fellows (discussion, mentoring, supervision), and to actively participate in BIGSSS courses (doctoral colloquium, lecture series) as well as academic and social events. Postdoctoral fellows should conduct English-language research projects and have full professional proficiency in English.

BIGSSS postdocs conduct research projects which fit into one of BIGSSS’ three Thematic Fields:

  1. Global Governance and Regional Integration
  2. Welfare State, Inequality, and Quality of Life
  3. Changing Lives in Changing Socio-Cultural Contexts

Scientific Expertise at BIGSSS

Learn more about BIGSSS' scientific expertise and thematic fields.

Postdoc Program Admissions

We currently have no open calls for our Postdoc Program.

For postdocs at the University of Bremen and Jacobs University BIGSSS offers an Affiliated Postdoc Program.