Admissions to the BIGSSS GloWel Program

There is currently no open call.

If you are interested in becoming a BIGSSS Regular PhD Fellow in the GloWel Program, please read the following guidelines carefully. You'll find all the essential information on open calls, admission requirements, application material and FAQ.



Application Requirements

  • You are an international applicant, proficient in English language (speaking & writing).
  • You must not have resided in Germany any time after February 15, 2021.
  • Your MA degree must be completed and the validation of the degree must be available by May 15, 2022, which means you may apply before having finished your MA degree.
  • At the time of application, your last final exam must have taken place no longer than 6 years ago.
  • You have an excellent MA degree (or national equivalents) in Sociology, Political Science, Psychology or related social science disciplines e.g. Law, Economics or Media Sciences.
  • Your dissertation project in the field “Global Inequality, the Middle Classes and the Welfare State“” aligns with the research focus of one or several of our program PIs.
  • You have an interest in pursuing a PhD in a structured PhD program and in actively engaging in the events and activities at an international graduate school.

General Application Guidelines

  • When a call for applications is running, the first stage of the admissions process has started. Please  submit your application for a BIGSSS Regular PhD Fellowship in the GloWel program electronically after creating an account in the online admissions system.
  • Please ensure that you select "Apply for GloWel PhD Program" otherwise your application will not arrive at BIGSSS and cannot be considered.
  • You will find a list of what your application should include in the section below.
  • Please only upload documents in PDF format in your application. You can download a free version of PDFCreator.
  • As soon as the call is closed, we will review your application at BIGSSS. At the end of this review process (and the very latest on May 15, 2021), BIGSSS will nominate two applications to the DAAD. The succesful candidates are then asked to directly apply with the DAAD (second stage of the application process).
  • Please read our Guide on Application materials carefully. It contrains detailed info on form and content of the respective documents we ask your to submit. A complete application is the first access point in the admissions to an academic program! It helps us and will help you in turn.

If you have any questions regarding the admissions process, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions section or contact our Admissions Officer at


Application Materials

Please make sure to submit all required application materials in your online application.Please follow the checklist of application materials for a BIGSSS Regular PhD Fellowship in the GloWel program:

  • Personal Information form (to be completed in the online admissions system)
  • Curriculum Vitae (free text - PDF)
  • Preliminary Dissertation Proposal (free text - PDF)
  • One-page Proposal Abstract (free text - PDF)
  • Statement of Purpose (free text - PDF)
  • Statement of Skills and Experience with Methods of Empirical Social Research (free text - PDF)
    MA/BA/Diplom/Magister Certificates (scan - PDF)
  • University Grade Transcripts (scan - PDF)
  • Certification of English Proficiency (we accept TOEFL, iELTS, CAE/CPE (Cambridge Exams)) (scan - PDF)
  • Two Recent Letters of Recommendation (to be submitted electronically in your application, or sent directly to the Admissions Officer from your referee by post or email before the deadline).

Please make sure to download and read our Guide on Application Materials for the GloWel program, including all detailed descriptions and guidelines! It extends on form and content of the respective documents we ask you to submit. Always keep in mind: From our perspective, a complete and well prepared application is the first (and a very important) message in the admissions process!

All application materials must be submitted via our online admissions system only.


Online Admissions System


The online admissions system is open until January 17, 2022

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